Hi, B-Girls and B-Boys, Can you come out to play?

The sunshine is bright on another beautiful day.


Many exciting things are always happening around here,

As we Busy Bees keep it moving all throughout the year.

Have a peek inside my beehive and get to know me better.

See my fun pictures and poems, even write me a letter!


I'm always checking in with the buzz on every bee thing new.

Tour dates, Games and Give aways for You.


You can even join our Honey Bee Crew!


Sing along with Bree The Busy Bee!!!

" I am Bree The Busy Bee...I live in a world that's FREE....I fly high up in the sky...I work all day in the beehive...Be Bigger, Be Brighter, Be Bigger, Brighter Beautiful....I am Bree The Busy Bee I love my friends and family...I have big dreams that will come true...If I work hard and follow rules...Be Bigger, Be Bighter, Be Bigger, Brighter Beautiful...

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Busy Bee Who Me?

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Enter a world where Bees reign supreme! This enchanting story involves Bree, a little girl bee who spends her days playing and napping.  However, after suddenly discovering a beehive, its worker bees diligently convince her of the value of hard work and the important responsibility of joining in and helping others.

Bree The Busy Bee ABC's and 123's

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Make learning time FUN time with this ultra vibrant picture book.  Bree The Busy Bee ABC's and 123's showcases colorful illustrations, relatable word progressions and counting structure. A visual masterpiece.

Plush Bee's

Play time

Play time is always a Buzzy time while playing with stuff plush Bree The Busy Bee and her best friend Bee Fro Real!  Play with this bee's while reading your favorite Bee book!

It's time to get buzzy with  Bree The Busy Bee and The Honeybee crew!

Buzz! Buzz!

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