Hi! My name is Bree and I’m The Busy Bee! Not too long ago, I wasn’t that busy, Because I LOVED to Play and have Fun! Not that there’s anything wrong with playing and having fun! But I discovered it was so much MORE FUN to have dreams and work hard to make them come TRUE!


 My wings get all a flutter when I am out buzzing about helping others! I live in La La Land and I buzz around with The Honey Bee Crew. We sing and dance and laugh A LOT while we make the Honey!…and of course I LOVE my friends and family! Hi, Mom!


 When I grow up maybe I will become Bee-resident of La La Land!"

Maybe I will seek my fame in fortune in “Honeywood”! Who knows in life you can bee whatever you want to bee! There are so many amazing choices! I’m so excited that you decided to bee-friend me! It truly is such an honor!


Let’s dream BIG together then “Make it Happen”!



Your friend,


Here is where to find the latest buzz on me.


I'm Bree.....

The Busy Bee!

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