Who We Are?

The Busy Bee Who Me? Book and Pilot is based on the lead character
Bree The Busy Bee. Bree is a little girl bee who spends her day
napping and playing. However, after suddenly discovering a
bee hive whose worker bees diligently convince her of the
value of team work, working hard to make your dreams come
true and to always pitch in and help others, by the story's end
she transforms into a busy bee, gaining pleasure in having
goals and accomplishing them. It's a quiet moral lesson that
is masked by a fun and adventurous storyline. Our support
base is geared toward children ages 2 to 7

The vision of Bree the Busy Bee is to bring back the sweeter version of cartoons reminiscent of the 70’s with an updated hip hop, urban feel. We also seek to promote education on the importance of the bees in our everyday lives connecting family, friends, and community.
It is a simple fact, if bees didn't exist neither would humans. Anyone who cares about the health of the planet now and for generations to come need to answer this wake up call.


Introduction To Characters


Bree The Busy Bee

Our lead character, Bree is a curious, rambunctious, whimsical Bumble Bee, always up for an adventure and eager to learn and share new things with her family and friends. Never at a loss for words, Bree's overzealous personality is quite infectious


"Bee-fro Real" is the Musical Master, full of life and wonder. Every time Beefro Real pats his afro a musical instrument falls out. While he bops to the beat, Beefro learns how to play every musical instrument and shares the knowledge with his friends...he's one cool bee.



A native of France. Pascal is our French Chief Worker Bee. Pascal's duties consists of maintaining The Beehive and making sure the worker bees are in sync in one big zig zag line scooping up pails of honey and pouring them into the hive walls. Pascal and Bree have an operose relationship.


MayBee is a sweet shy Country Bee. Nothing can really upset this extremely naive bee. At times getting into a pickle, her innocent nature is very endearing for one to watch. As fate would have it she always figures things out with a little help from her friends.


BeeBop is a Mod Bee. She dresses in retro style clothing reminiscent of the 60's and speaks with the slang style of a true Londoner (Cockney). Inspired by the 60's era, Beebop's mindset is one of a Mad Bee girl swag from back in the day...she's no square

 Layla La Ladybug 

Layla La Ladybug is the neighborhood nosey Know It All. She has the unique ability to interfere with everyone's business! Fashionably conscious Layla La Ladybug is the eyes and the ears of the Honeydale Pond

Grandma Sher-Sher 

Grandma Sher-Sher is Bree the Busy bee's Grandmother. Grandma Sher-Sher helps guide Bree through her bee hood and tries her best to keep her grounded and focused. Grandma Sher-Sher's deep commitment to Bree is seen through the way she reacts positively in every situation

 Funny The Bunny 

Funny The Bunny is best friends with Oscar The Octopus. Funny The Bunny is always on the look out since everyone is after her big magical carrot. Only Funny The Bunny knows the secrets which her carrots hold.



Always with a book in hand this intellectual bumble bee loves to read and share his knowledge...Have a question? Ask Bobbee! Need a very thought out answer? Ask Bobbee!


King Bumpy 

Bumpy is King of the pond of Honeydale. He oversees the coming and going to all visitors to the Honeydale Pond. King Bumpy resided in his tri-tier lily pad with views of Nut Hut Valley.


Oscar the Octopus 

Oscar is a purple Octopus who fancies boots. During the winter Oscar shares his shoes with The Treasure Tree. Oscar is dear friends with Funny The Bunny. Oscar and Funny The Bunny meet up daily at The Treasure Tree to discuss their daily activities and plan their future.



This electrifying bumble bee brings all the sass and flash to the colony. With a vibrant personality Rubee loves to use her vibrant imagination.