About the Author


MECCA DYAS, author of Busy Bee Who Me? Hails from behind The Orange Curtain (The "OC"). A former professional dancer and fashion stylist extroardinaire! Mecca grew up loving the arts in all mediums. The creation of Bree The Busy Bee came to her as a bedtime story that she told one night on a whim and it magically stuck with her. Through hard work and determination, she fulfilled her dream of self publishing "Busy Bee Who Me?" through her publishing company Devine Image.

While many children's books simply tell a story, Mecca Dyas' ground-breaking new release fuses an adventurous Narrative with a potentially life-changing moral lesson. Titled "Busy Bee Who Me?", the book is helping thousands of children around the world understand the true importance of being helpful and always remaining a team player.

The enchanting story involves Bree, a little girl bee who spends her days playing and napping. However after suddenly discovering a bee hive, its worker bees diligently convince her of the value of hard work and the important responsibility of joining in to help others. "It's a quiet lesson to children that is masked by a fun and adventure-filled story. Children don't like books that hammer home life-lessons, so I'm trying to weave the book's positive values around a gripping and thought-provoking story,“ says Dyas. "This has resulted in a book that children love to read.

While simultaneously learning, the results are extremely positive. The book is accompanied by a series of plush merchandise items, an interactive website and even an opportunity to join the Honey Bee Crew. With such positive impact on the lives of all readers, critics praise Dyas and her illustrator Mr. Scott.

Bree The Busy Bee introduction cartoon can be seen at www.breethebusybee.com